Conor Kerley

I've been intrigued by the medical doctors with MS work as advocates for alternative treatments and approaches to multiple sclerosis: George Jelinek and Terry Wahls are the two examples that I've talked about before, but I'd also add Conor Kerley to that list.

And it's worth noting that I have not come across examples of any medical doctors with MS who promote mainstream pharmaceutical treatments, but perhaps they exist.

From what I've been able to gather online, Kerley is a dietician whereas Wahls and Jelinek are clinical physicians. And Kerley was diagnosed at a much younger age (15, from what I've read) than Wahls and Jelinek. I'm still not sure what Kerley's PhD is in; perhaps it's related to nutrition. But what binds all three together is that (like Matt Embry, who I wrote about last time) they all advocate a non-pharma approach to the disease with similar suggestions relating to diet, vit D intake, and overall wellness.

I suppose all three exist under the "living proof" frame, as well, as they're people who are living and thriving with the disease. Their perspectives are in stark contrast to the "get on the drugs" regimens promoted by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society of North America. 

Next time I hope to write a bit more about the National Multiple Sclerosis Society of North America, as I've become increasingly perturbed by their approach. 


  1. The MS Society's tactics are really frustrating and I think they place an emphasis on the wrong things: drugs and raising money for drug research!