Living Proof

I'm eagerly awaiting the release of Living Proof, Matt Embry's documentary about life with MS, big Pharma, and (I'm guessing) his battle with the MS Society of Canada.

I'm kind of guessing at the contents of the film, actually, as I've only seen the preview and managed to read and watch snippets about the film. Here's a still from a recent article about the film:

I found the above image of Matt Embry interesting, as he looks like he's struggling a bit in the picture ... typically, images of him feature a man that is resolute, strong, and healthy. He's the guy behind MSHope, if you've been to that site and downloaded his materials.

Unlike Wahls and some others who have published books about their MS diets and wellness approaches, much of what Matt Embry has done for fellow sufferers of the disease has been free and online. I like that. You don't have to read a big book to get his approach; you can just watch one of his short videos. The MSHope page puts it out there, and if you follow Matt Embry's father Ashton Embry on Facebook, you get more of the same: overt and outspoken instructions on their view about how to stay healthy with MS.

What I'd really like to see, and I guess I could do this myself, would be a book or documentary about all the dozens (or more) of people who are living well with MS over decades: not just Wahls in her book or Embry in his documentary, but a broad overview of how so many of us seem to be thriving despite the disease. Wahls does appear in Embry's film, so maybe his movie does that.

The notion of "living proof" is a powerful one, but when it rests on just one or two cases for evidence or proof, it seems somehow suspect (to me) given the way that MS is so variable ... I guess the way sample size predominates as a measure of accuracy in the sciences makes me want more examples. At the same time, I share Emby's desire to proselytize about his diet (and I'm on a similar one) and approach, as I'm convinced that it helps.


  1. Is this the guy we spoke about? Super interesting.