What You Think You Can't Do

I'm going to tell you right from the start that this post is going to connect working on the ignition system in a prison bus with making major life changes relating to MS. So call it a bit of a stretch if you want to, but I'm going to do it.

I used to say that I didn't have the will power to follow a really strict diet. This may confuse you, because I've mentioned on this blog before that I was vegan for years and that's clearly a strict diet ... but if you put a bag of M&Ms in front of me during those vegan days, I would have gobbled them up. I had no will power, I told myself. No way to resist the temptation of those M&Ms.

So I was pretty confident that I couldn't keep to a super strict diet, and the truth was that I really didn't think I needed to.

Then along came my MS diagnosis, I read a few books about inflammatory diets, and the next thing I knew I was starting a super strict diet ... and then keeping to it. Without exception, I've been on my diet for nearly two years now. It's a thing I thought I couldn't do, but I'm doing it without a problem just because I applied myself ... and was a little bit scared.

So here's the connection to the prison bus: This week I replaced several components of the ignition system on the bus, rewired a few other components, and got the darned thing started again. Cars and trucks, these were things I just couldn't figure out. I was more of a woodworking guy, I told myself. Solving problems under the hood was something I thought I couldn't do ... until I did it.

And the nice thing about this prison bus renovation project is that it doesn't come from a place of fear. For me, it's just all about learning and doing something new that I thought was beyond me.

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  1. You did it! Both. And that wasn't all that easy, either :)