A Busy Summer

As I've mentioned before on this blog, summers were getting increasingly rough for me over the past decade. This is because my summers were largely been defined by MS-related exacerbations, and they were getting more prevalent and intense ... until last summer. Last summer was great, as I was in the start of a full and wonderful remission. And this summer continued on in that way. Sure a few lasting symptoms plague me, and the heat can be rough, but the summer was not a time of challenge. Instead, it was a time of projects.

If you bounce over to my YouTube channel, you'll see that, over the course of the summer, I put up a handful of various project videos. There were various hiking related things going on, and then a few building projects. My favorite build of the summer (by far!) was this simple slate table. The stone came from a rough piece of slate that I'd been eyeing for several years, and the wood was well aged in my barn-wood pile for nearly five years.

The table evolved slowly and had various possible futures, but my typically fleeting patience paid off ... as the table turned out quite well.


  1. Looks like a fun set of projects! Glad to share them with you.