Backpacking with MS

I've been backpacking all my life, having started out in Colorado in the '70s and persisted with it all through the years. Melissa and I have been at it over ten years, and we still go out every summer.

The first pic is from one of our trips to the Rockies in 2008. The second was taken last week.

For me, backpacking with MS isn't a whole lot different from backpacking before I had MS and/or before I learned I had MS. I actively work to stay cooler, now, and also try not to overdo it out there. But I did overdo it some on this most recent trip, and I enjoyed both pushing it and that utter sense of exhaustion. 

In my mind, there's something new about backpacking with MS: It's a persistent sense of gratefulness as I walk through those hills knowing that I have (so far; knock on wood) been incredibly fortunate to have the level of mobility that I do. Knowing that every step may be my last, as is true for everyone, I walk with immense satisfaction in the backcountry. 

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  1. It's truly wonderful to share all of these trips with you, my dear!