My MS Story

A little over a year ago, I posted a "My MS Story" video and then posted a bit about it on this blog. If you're not familiar with "My MS Story" videos, there are now dozens on YouTube and they tell all kinds of stories about symptoms, diagnoses, treatments, and more. I've tried to learn about the disease through various angles and channels -- and these "My MS Story" videos have been one of the most informative and compelling streams of info.

Today I posted a one-year-update on my original "My MS Story" video. I wanted to disrupt the static nature of my story being something that could be captured in a single video at a single moment, and so it just felt right to record another video. My plan is to put one up each year, creating an ongoing log.


  1. This update has so much info for folks who want to try somethings that are not pharmaceutical. Way to go with all of your discipline. Well done--I love all of the ways you have rethought MS

  2. You're the best! Thanks for the note