MS Symbiosis

Sebastian, one of the MS-vloggers I follow on YouTube, recently posted about moving toward a loving stance in relation to MS. He talks about using Yoga to come to terms with his body including his disease, and I really connect with this.


In the comments, I wrote that "I really connect with what you say here. I've heard and read a lot about people "fighting a war against MS," but I really don't like that kind of confrontational and adversarial thinking. For me, to battle MS would be a wage war on myself. So I try to think about living symbiotically with MS. In some ways, and I can't believe I'm saying this, having MS is one of the best things that has happened to me. So I admire your perspective and share it."

A while back on this blog, I wrote about not (yet) being able to see MS in that way ... and that my buddy/father-in-law John sees having diabetes as an opportunity. But over time I've come to that place ... at least on my good days.

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