Chasing Satisfaction

I was out on the farm this past week, and I guess you could say I was chasing satisfaction. I got the old tractor running a did some mowing ... and then I cleaned up around our old, hand-dug well and installed a hand-powered pump I had ordered a few years ago and have been waiting to test out.

Here are videos from those two projects:

In both projects, I certainly found satisfaction. The freshly cut grass, the cool water gurgling out of the pump, and also the joys of making both videos. These things were just perfect. Simple pleasures to be sure, and perhaps all the richer for their simplicity. 

Sure I found my mind wandering (during the jobs) to MS, to what happens when I heat up, and to the ever daunting spectre of mobility/immobility. But those fears that I've talked about before on this blog didn't slow me down or diminish the satisfaction. Instead, on these days in spring in 2017, the pleasure was pure and simple and the MS wasn't slowing me down. This is, of course, something I was deeply thankful for. 

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  1. sounds like you found just what you needed out there on the farm :)