Three New Videos Up

Look out, people! I've put up three new YouTube videos in the past week:

The first is about updating my shop, which is coming along nicely.

The second features the installation of ... new floors on my prison bus!

And the third covers the steps I followed in building a backpack for my drone. The backpack turned out pretty well.

YouTube Revenue Rant

There has been a lot of chatter and complaining on YouTube (by YouTubers) about diminished earnings. This is all in response to a recent downtick in ad revenue with some sponsors pulling ads from the platform. I find the complaining borderline laughable. That any content creator makes money on YouTube at all is still surprising to me. I mean, it's great to bring in cash from making YouTube videos, but if that income source is drying up it might be time to diversify, tap other revenue streams, or just get a regular job. I can see complaining about an employer lowering your salary. But YouTube dropping ad revenue seems quite different to me.

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  1. Melissa3:47 PM

    That's great progress on all fronts! Love the videos!