It was on Instagram where I first encountered the #fuckms hashtag. It was being used to tag posts featuring physical activity and vitality and health, all amid an MS diagnosis, so I quickly jumped on board and started using it. The #fuckms tag is definitely angry, and I'm not sure centering wellness on anger is a good idea, but I like its defiance and refusal to submit.

#fuckms is in use over on Twitter, as well. There it seems a bit more nuanced, as it's sometimes used to express the same kind of defiance ... but at other times used to capture frustration, sadness, and general woe about living with the disease. Similarly rich conversations under a "Fuck MS" header have taken place over on Reddit.

Of course, there are a few looking to make a buck off the #fuckms attitude and approach, with a few Etsy shops selling various wares with the hashtag. That always happens. 

So yeah: #fuckms. But as I've mentioned before on this blog, I don't intend to dwell in opposition to this disease. My intuition tells me that's somehow unhealthy in the long run.

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