Prison, School, and Work

As you can tell from this video and from the one I posted a week or two ago, I've been spending some time on my prison bus. Fixing up the floors has taken some time, but it's been time well spent. I've been teaching myself to weld, which has been a longterm goal/dream, and the bus is shaping up. Plus, my welds are getting better ... slowly.

The bus comes out of the State's department of corrections, and I realized the other day that my key to the bus's lock is almost identical to the key to my office. I work for the State, too, so I guess they use a lot of the same locks and keys. The potential symbolism of the fact that both keys are the same did not escape me.

The other thing that's just so stirring and odd is the fact that school buses are used for prison buses. I mean, it's all just about human transportation, I guess, but whenever schools and prisons are overlaid it gets you thinking.

Time on the bus has been relegated to evenings and weekends, but that's been enough. It's coming along.

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