Controlled Burn

I guess it's appropriate that Melissa and I helped out some friends with a controlled burn this weekend, as my right leg has been having it's own controlled burn all week. I'm thinking it's a rekindled lesion getting excited, as that leg has given me every kind of sensation imaginable in the past. But one never knows when a controlled burn will turn into a major flare, with MS, so I've been trying to chill out, rest, and do my "8 things" religiously.

And what brought on this controlled burn (in my leg)? This is total speculation, as one never knows, but a week-long cold thingy (with fever) seems to have thrown my system out of whack, and the leg started burning just a few days after my cold subsided. Maybe the fire will go out as fast as it started.

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  1. I hope it passes soon and burns itself out. Love the new video!