What Happened to All the MS Blogs?

I started blogging in 2001, posting semi-regularly about my bus rides. Yes, bus rides. It was mundane and silly and I didn't even use a blogging platform at first (though they existed). Over the years, I've had blogs dedicated to everything from my Etch-a-Sketch pictures to building a house to found notes I've encountered on the street. And like many teachers, I've compelled various groups of students to blog about various things. So this is all to say that while I've done my share of blogging, I'm a newbie to blogging about MS.

When I started blogging about my experiences with and thoughts about MS, I had the impression that there was a thriving community of MS blogs and bloggers. There were even "MS Blog of the Year!' awards circulating. But now that I'm a year or so in (and yes, this blog had previous themes in previous lifetimes; it's only in this past year that it's really become "an MS blog"), I'm either missing the thriving MS blog and blogging community -- or it's not there.

As I peruse various MS-themed blogs, I find stories of people doing well: and as a result, they're not blogging. But there are sadder stories of others with challenges that keep them from blogging. Other blogs appear to have simply fallen quiet. As I know so well, we bloggers tend to sometimes leave our blogs over time. I wonder, is the incentive just not there when it comes to blogging about MS? I mean, YouTube channels dedicated to everything MS are thriving and multiplying. There are dozens of them. I have a few videos up on YouTube myself.

And so it is that I'm left wondering: where are all the MS bloggers? I'll have to try harder to find you.


  1. Maybe YouTube killed the blog? I'm glad to read your thoughts on MS when you post here :)

  2. Thanks thanks for reading!

  3. Me too. Glad you're doing well. Miss you, brother.

    1. I hope things are well with y'all, Jon! :)