I'm Not a Bike

After riding my bike to campus today, I came across a video of this bike that has been tweaked in a variety of ways to mimic/reflect some of the more prominent MS symptoms. On my ride, I rode quickly and smoothly. I enjoyed the feel of the cool wind on my face and the subtle spray of mist. I have MS and that was my experience on my bike. The video portrays quite a different story:

While I appreciate the quality of the video itself and the effort to literalize the experience of having MS for those without the disease, there is no one "MS experience." This is mentioned in the video -- that is, the fact that the disease hits people differently -- and yet the wonky bike represents the disease with a bounded set of characteristics. 

Some with MS can't do anything even close to riding a bike. Others of us ride with ease (at least for now). This MS-altered bike is somewhere in the middle of that continuum of experience, and while I understand the impulse to make the bike and the video, the project certainly flattens the experience of having MS.

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