Multiple Sclerosis FaceBook Groups

There are groups for most things on Facebook, and multiple sclerosis is no exception. The main (drug-promoting) MS organizations have their groups, as do a wide array of folks who are invested in alternative treatments. Scrolling through the list of MS groups, you also find an array of localized and smaller groups: "I am, love, or miss someone with MS: 50 members." "Multiple Sclerosis Smiles: 60 members." "African American Multiple Sclerosis: 23 members."

Over the past year, I've joined several of these MS FaceBook groups, stayed in a few, and posted things from time to time. Like most Facebook groups, there are distinct cultures in them all, recognizable personalities, and the occasional heavy-handed admin. Some of the groups are more serious than others, and only a few are all that active (in terms of posts-per-week).

While I can't say that I've "found the perfect MS group" on Facebook just yet, I do appreciate the way these groups transcend the dynamics of my local MS support group. The groups don't seem controlled by the admins all that much. Instead, it's just folks like you and me posting about what's relevant at the time.

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