A Guy With MS Walks Into a Neurologist's Office

A guy with MS walks into a neurologist's office.

The neurologist says to the guy "So, how you been feeling?"

The guy says "Well, doctor, I've actually been feeling really good. I haven't had any exacerbations or real problems in a year and things seem to be going really well for me."

"Any symptoms at all?" asks the neurologist.

"Not really," says the guy with MS. "I mean, I have a bit of peripheral sensation stuff that is residual from previous events, but I've been feeling really good. I was having exacerbations every few months, and they've completely stopped."

"Well," says the neurologist. "It's clear to me that you need to start taking a medication."

"Really? Which one?" asks the guy.

"Any medication. It doesn't matter which one. You just need to be on something."


This "joke" happened to me yesterday when I visited my neurologists. No new lesions on the MRI. It made me think of Joseph Dumit's book Drugs for Life.

Needless to say, I didn't start taking something. What I'm on seems to be working just fine.

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