Walking on Thin Ice

As the temperature plummeted here in the Midwest, a light rain fell ... and we got ice. Lots of ice. Ice on the trees, ice weighing down the tall grasses, and ice on the sidewalks. This meant that our usual walking route became a veritable ice rink, which I've tried to conquer via various traction cleats pulled from my collection. Having broken out the spikes, I made this comparison video.

We walk every day. I mentioned this a while back on this blog: Melissa and I (almost) never miss a day. Walking is our religion, our rhythm, our time to reset and set up. These daily walks (typically the same 6-mile route) are super valuable to us, so when things like ice and cold interrupt it's as if our collective pulse is threatened. On the coldest days, we'll take to the mall for "mall walking," and we even acquired a raggedy old treadmill if we ever find ourselves wanting to walk in the house.

Walking on the ice these past few days, frozen-faced in the dark, I've been reminded of how fortunate I am to be able to walk our route. One step gives way to another automatically out around the park, through the neighborhoods, and back home. The spikes are a wonderful innovation.

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