Free Food For Drug Info: The Face of "MS Support"

It was my mother who first alerted me to the "free food for drug information" racket that is at the heart of the business surrounding multiple sclerosis. But once she described to me how these "free information sessions" work, I started seeing them everywhere. They are commonly advertised by my local MS support group, and here is a recent ad for one of the sessions:

While the language of the notice is vague ("your therapy"), what happens at these sessions is crystal clear: MDs who are paid by the pharmaceutical industry hype a particular MS medication. If "your therapy" involves rest, exercise, or anything other than a pill or infusion, then you'll find that these sessions are all about one thing: free steak with a pharmaceutical chaser. 

Now, don't get me wrong: I'm not opposed to my fellow MSers who choose to take meds. I may someday, too. What I am opposed to, however, are these insidious meetings that are listed as informational but are actually propagandistic. The free food is almost always steak or seafood or something else enticing but probably not ideal for those of us who should avoid inflammation ... and the doctors are paid to make a pitch. 

I'm sure the money is good for Dr. Wynn, who has a practice up in Chicago. Otherwise, he probably wouldn't make the trip down state to help us all out.  

Here's another similar flier sent out by my local "support group." 

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