Recent Reading and MS

I was reading a lot about MS for a while there, and simultaneously consuming a lot of content online (videos, blogs, journal articles, etc.) -- then kind of backed off because I felt like the intake of info was clouding my vision of self and future.
But I recently returned to the book Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis: An Evidence-Based Guide to Recovery by George Jelinek, and I'm reminded that it's a very positive and uplifting text. I'll post a more thorough review here soon, but basically I just appreciate the work Dr. Jelinek does to synthesize so much MS research and make it digestible for a general audience. With so much scientific knowledge behind paywalls, locked away in scientific articles, making so many findings accessible is a pretty democratic move. It's a generous book and an optimistic one, focusing a lot on Swank's diet-based research/work and insisting that everything but drugs gets overlooked by the medical community.
This has flowed very fluidly into reading Joseph Dumit's Drugs for Life: How Pharmaceutical Companies Define Our Health (Experimental Futures). I'll also post a thorough review of this book here soon. The big ideas grounding the book are pretty powerful: Dumit focuses on how the pharm/med establishment has come to view so many of us as in need of pharmaceutical intervention ... for life.
Dumit's book has me thinking about how well I'm doing physically and how this current state (which I'd call a healthy one) does not square with the insistence, which I've heard recently from several neurologists, that I commit to a life on drugs. So I'm becoming increasingly skeptical about a life on drugs to "combat" MS, and these books are giving me some ways to think through that stance.
Otherwise things are going pretty well. You know, I was diagnosed with MS several months ago, and at the time I was simply buzzing with anxiety, worry, and negativity. It was really hard. With lots of help, work, and time, I'm feeling much better about the whole thing. By this I mean I'm feeling more comfortable and/or at terms with the diagnosis. And then I'm feeling really great physically: lots of walks and a regular workout schedule are simply feeding that good feeling. So while there are waves of anxious MS worry, the tide is out at the moment -- and that's just fine with me.

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