Creating an Exacerbation Timeline to Track Multiple Sclerosis

I recently posted a video about what I call my "MS Exacerbation Timeline." Basically, this is a way to track exacerbations over time, attending to factors such as time of year, frequency/interval, etc. 

As I try to express in the video, I've found that this form of self-tracking can be both empowering and revealing. In particular, I find the chart I made that simply tracks flare-ups over time to be useful; the other valuable chart, for me, is the one that reveals which times of year are better and worse.

And hey, check it out: I'm moving into both my 18th year of have MS and my 10th month exacerbation free. (Melissa would have me knocking on wood right now, just for saying that.) The thing about having a good period, as I have been, is that it's both wonderful and nerve wracking as I find myself worrying and wondering about what's next. So it's time to calm the mind, keep doing what I'm doing, and simply enjoy the progress of time.

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