"My MS Story" Video

For the past several months, I've been watching a lot of "My MS Story" videos on YouTube. It's a really cool phenomenon and self-disclosure genre: people talking to the camera in many different ways about their experiences with the disease.

Some of the videos are long, and others are even longer -- spanning several segments. As you might imagine, similar themes keep popping up, like misdiagnosis, for instance, and medication, diet, and so on. I haven't looked to see if other diseases have versions of this "My Story" video thing going on, but the videos about MS are amazing. 
"My MS Story" Videos on YouTube
So, after fumbling through a few takes, I finally posted my own video version of "My MS Story" to YouTube. I put it online in March of 2016, and now think it might be time for an update: 
One odd thing about posting this "My MS Story" video is that the story keeps growing and changing, but the video is fixed back there in March of 2016. So I guess it's a kind of time capsule of that moment: one that was filled with angst, information overload, and plenty of searching for what to do next. 

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  1. Glad to hear that the story is changing--moving onwards and through is good. SO glad you shared your story and captured what it felt like in March 2016