MS Inspiration ... and Construction Work

I don't think I've mentioned this on this blog before, but I fancy myself a bit of a builder. Melissa and I built our own house (chronicled on our house-building blog), and then I've built things such as my "boat barn" and more recently what I call my "backwoods shelter." 

When I'm building a structure, I guess I'd say I feel a sense of purpose, and clarity, and peace, and entirely consumed in the task. It's the feeling consumed that I like the most: it simply draws me in and I'm entirely part of the project until it's done. 
So it was reassuring and interesting for me to see, when watching an episode of the British home refurbishing show Grand Designs, that Angelo Mastropietro is another home builder with MS. This is a pic of his place: a cave house in Britain. 

If you haven't seen the episode of Grand Designs where Angelo builds his amazing cave house, the full thing is on YouTube here (at least for now):
The episode focuses a bit on Angelo's MS, giving him space to talk about a recent flare-up and then describing the cave remodel project as that much more amazing because of his disease. He works tirelessly on the house, especially during the excavation phase, and it's certainly not the typical representation of someone "suffering from" multiple sclerosis. But the physicality of building, as Angelo describes it, is relaxing to him and something he enjoys.
As as a follow up on this story: In the Grand Designs episode, the cave house seems to be presented as Angelo's future house. In other online features of the place, it's described as his getaway. Now it seems that you can rent out the case for just under £200 a night: http://www.therockhouseretreat.co.uk Seems like a cool place to stay.

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