Daily Walking

I used to be a runner, running marathons for years and logging all kinds of mileage. I ran the streets, the woods, and everything in between. By accident, after about 25 years of running, I transitioned over to walking, and now walk about six miles a day. Sometimes more. Some times a bit less. But nearly every day, Melissa and I are out walking. Some people talk about "giving up running" or "having to give up running." I just walked away from it.
Having learned that I have MS, I tend to think that this regular walking routine is one of the best things for me. Long and usually pretty fast, we walk around town, or around new towns that we visit, or through whatever countryside we find ourselves in.
I recently tested out a new GPS tracker, as part of my reviewing side project, and created this map of our walk. Half way through the walk, we met up with our good friend Amy and walked the lower part of the figure 8 with her. Walking and talking. That's what we do.
I talked with them a bit about my reading today about the "number needed to treat" metric, something I'll likely post more about later.

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