Website Roundup

This semester's "Writing in a Digital World" class is over, so I thought I'd link to some of the projects from the class. Students had to make 7 websites, one of which was a collaborative effort. The following links are presented with permission; a few are still works-in-progress.

—> Tolf's site: his refrigerator magnet game is especially fun, as is his "Shootman" game

—> Nick Sibilsky's site: a very clever game here, too; Nick's moving image page is also well done

—> Maggie Marek's redesign: Maggie completed a very nice redesign of the page for our local Bike Project of Urbana-Champaign

—> campus map by Brian Wilson and Ross Evans: part of a larger project to provide good walking maps of campus; Brian and Ross completed a nice site to house their mapping project

—> Lauren Welton's typography site: a zany and clever uptake of the typography assignment (Lauren's redesign project is also quite nice)

—> Ilana Strauss's site: a bunch of great projects here; my fave has to be Ilana's ambitious redesign of Zimbabwe's homepage (ambitious!)

—> Melissa Steiner's site: another great combination of projects; I particularly like the way Melissa's living words site unfurls.

—> Kelsey Shannon's redesign: a simple, purposeful redesign of this highly used dictionary of literary terms

—> Ryan Mahoney's bigfoot site: a perfectly nutty bigfoot site, showing that what might be termed "bad design" can be perfect in some instances (Ryan's puzzle is also pretty cool)

—> Ross Evans's game: the hardest game of the bunch ... and possibly the most clever! This one took me a while to figure out. (note the hints at the bottom for those who aren't up to the challenge)

—> Lucas Cook's site: another elegant batch of projects

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