Writing in a Digital World

Our cool Informatics program has posted this article about my new course: ENGL 380/INFO 390: Writing in a Digital World.

My favorite line that came out of the interview: "Design what you're saying, don't just say what you're saying."

Spring 2011
MWF 1:00-1:50pm
ENGL 380 / INFO 390: writing in a digital world

This course explores the rhetorical and cultural significance of new
writing forms in this, our digital age. The written word still
matters, but writing online is increasingly visual and enmeshed in a
range of media forms. Learning to create interesting content for the
web allows one to contact a global audience. Students in this course
will study what it means to write in this digital world. Students will
create eight digital online projects, all coded in simple html, css,
and javascript. No previous coding experience or practice creating web
sites is needed. Experienced coders and web writers will be able to
work at an accelerated pace.

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