XtraNormal Response "Paper"

In my English 505: Introduction to Writing Studies class last week, I encouraged students to experiment in their reading response papers. After a few weeks, the rather rigid format I'd been asking for seemed to be getting a bit stultifying.

One particularly clever student turned in this video. It's made using XtraNormal, which is a web-based video composition tool. Something about the juxtapositions—workplace setting + cartoon characters + academic-register—makes the video just too funny and smart. Gotta love what people can do.


  1. Terrific stuff, Spencer. I thought about using XtraNormal in a similar way for a class I'm teaching this semester, but I decided against it, figuring some students would resent having to fork over $10 or more for enough credits to produce the video. Did the student mention the costs involved?

  2. I didn't hear about the costs, and it certainly wasn't my idea. The student just went for it and is now going to experiment with different kinds of responses all semester. I'm psyched!

  3. love it. for more work produced by students -- in this case a medical student who wanted to share the absolutely ridiculous and ballooning egotism of his supervisor -- see this video:

  4. also, WHATUP SPENCE!!