The Death of the Viral Video Chart (More on Internet Trash)

One of my fave daily sites for the past few years has been the Viral Video Chart. It's been cool because it has traditionally featured videos that get a lot of plays and reposts. Interesting new videos usually show up there.

But in the past five or six months, the Viral Video Chart has almost exclusively featured music videos. I'm not saying videos aren't popular and interesting, and they can certainly be viral, but as a "hot new video site," the site simply doesn't do it for me anymore.

In several recent posts, I've talked about how the growing clutter online (okay: I've called it trash) makes it difficult to find information. Most search tools increasingly yield trash as the volume of tagged info online grows. Perhaps the death of the Viral Video Chart can be attributed to the trashing of the web, but I suspect it's more the hyping of music videos. Manufacture plays and reposts, and you can make something appear to be viral which, of course, makes it viral.

Anyway: time to find a new video aggregator.

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