War By PowerPoint

A decent article today in the New York Times about war by PowerPoint and the war on PowerPoint.

It focuses on the spaghetti graphic that's been floating around and is always worth reposting:

Fave quote in the piece, because it makes the software, which is slideware, seem as if it requires the bulletpointing of ideas:

“It’s dangerous because it can create the illusion of understanding and the illusion of control,” General McMaster said in a telephone interview afterward. “Some problems in the world are not bullet-izable.”

UPDATE: Nice response to the article over at Elizabeth Losh's blog.


Volcano Ash Clouds via Photoshop

One of the easier tools to use in Photoshop is the Polygonal Lasso, as it allows you to create a region with straight sides. This is what happens, though, when a billowing ash cloud is realized in a graphic via the Polygonal tool. Oh and angularity of the ash cloud! (from http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/8628605.stm)

UPDATE: This article out on ash-cloud datagraphics.