Job Search Season

Tis the season for job searching in academia, and I see that traffic over at 9interviews.com has picked up a bit. I had to re-host the video files recently, and the site seems to be working a bit better.

In updating links and things, I also see that the academic job search wiki is alive and well. In fact, it looks more organized than ever. As we're hiring in Writing Studies this year at UIUC, I was glad to see that info is (if slowly) getting out about our search via the wiki.

I've heard mixed things from faculty about the wiki, as some of the info that gets posted can be misleading. But overall I dig the wiki, as it creates a version of transparency in a process where there can be none.

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  1. "It's called 'Where's the Beef: Narratives of Starvation in Third World Countries.'"

    Comedy gold.