Fly Pentop

This compu-pen from LeapFrog used to look a whole lot cheesier; now the company is hyping it as a much more serious learning tool. It's also gotten leashed to the PC, as you'll see in the second video. Haven't been able to find out much about the "Writing" software package; just this blurb (link):

Get over the stress and learn to succeed at writing with the FLYWARE Fly Through Writing cartridge. From brainstorming to making final edits, you'll be given step-by-step tools that will help you transform your ideas into killer essays, creative stories and fresh lyrics. This software works with the FLY Pentop Computer (sold separately). FLYWARE takes learning to a whole new level of fun! This software works only with the FLY 1.0 Pentop Computer, and is not compatible with the FLY Fusion Pentop Computer.

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