As you may know by now, our small town in the midwest has been systematically and completely overrun by little small bugs that get in your hair, stick to your clothes, and generally annoy. The bugs are Soy Aphids according to bug bloggers like this one.

Up close, the bugs that have filled our town look like this:

And we've all had plenty of chances to view them up close, since whenever you go outside you get covered in them.

This week has been a bad bug week in another way for me in that I was stung not once, not twice, but three times by the yellow jackets. They're living in my siding, and as it turns out, I swell up pretty bad when yellow jackets sting me.

Pretty much everything I do these days involves following advice I find online, so I ended up shop-vac-ing up the stinging buggers. This made me feel bad, as a bug lover, but the stings were just too much to handle.

Here's what a yellow jacket looks like up close:

That's it for bugs. Tomorrow is Friday.


  1. I got stung by one of them a month ago, right on the stomach. It hurt like a motherfucker, and the mark is still there. The weirdest part--I was in a moving car with the windows open at the time.

  2. It sucks! I was all swole up!