Typewriter Commercial

Revising a piece on multi-app composition, I came across this ad:

A few others featuring transitional office machines include:

This one is funny:


Birding the Trash Dumps

Our local news bureau at UIUC does a pretty good job of getting the word out about our work.

Melissa Mitchell put this article out, which made its way around the web some. It was then picked up by the Daily Telegraph and transformed into this piece.

Anyway, a few bloggers have been chatting about the original journal article, noting that it's hard to get a copy of the dang thing. So here is my piece on birding and environmental sporting in pdf form. The citation reads:

Schaffner, Spencer. 2009. "Environmental Sporting: Birding at Superfund Sites, Landfills, and Sewage Ponds." Journal of Sport and Social Issues. 33: 3, pp. 206-229.

This image, from over at Eva Casey's homepage, captures a bit of what the piece is about:



Things are all a-twitter here on campus. Students are roaming around campus looking at maps, orientations have orientations, 500 things need to be done NOW, and I got photographed for an article for the campus paper. As it turns out, I get nervous in such situations, though I'm usually a camera hog. Reading on antiquated diagnostic methods (mental illness) this afternoon.

Oh, and I should say that it is still the case that the closed system that is FaceBook ruined this blog.