Omegle Chat Box

Chat boxes are old on the interwebs, but Omegle is a bit different, creating a one-on-one chat space w/ a perfect stranger. You don't need to sign in. You enter a chat box. Said stranger is in the box with you. The two of you chat until one person disconnects.

There is no topic, theme, or stated purpose to the encounter. Just a one-to-one connection.

I found Omegle via MW, who says she likes to confess things via the program. She's creative that way. As for me, connecting a few times to see what would happen, I found myself getting amazingly nervous. Kinda thrilled-nervous. A very strange feeling, created, I guess, by the "talk to strangers" vibe branded on the site.

You should try it. Oh, I should say that, in the four minutes I was on, I got called a "jew" and told that "Canada is a country you stupid fuck." These messages were strangely random.

For the record, I know about the country Canada.

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