The Work that Goes into Conference Presentations

My goodness, conference presentations can take forever to put together. I've been doing the media-part of my CCCC presentation ... for the past three days. Taking fore-ev-or. It reminds me of a video thing I put together a few years ago (for a conference) on Facebook; that one took a long time too.

What I do like about doing media-rich presentations, though, is that they tend to be a bit more durable than a regular old paper. I mean, I guess you can post a conference paper online; but who does?

So anyway: I'll try to post my prez in the next couple of days. Maybe even before the conference itself.


  1. Please do post it. I'd be really interested to see what it looks like. My powerpoint presentations now almost always have a lot of embedded video which means a lot of embedded anxiety. They are like money in the bank, though. I can't exactly post mine because of all that freakin' video, which I can't figure out where to place, but it means that I can give a pretty entertaining paper without prepping much, or even having my paper with me. I still tend to read from a "script" as they'd say in communication, but it's just normal, because all the best parts are in the writing.

    anyway, I am a multimedia noob and my presentations are half-ass. I'd like to see some more skillful ones. I was burned by Keynote crashing multiple times and now stay away from it.
    you will like this: the word verification for today is "retor." i'm not kidding.

  2. Phwooosh! Got it done late last night after sever software glitches. I put it online (as a .mov) but will wait til after I present to publish the link.