Post Conference

Conferences can be fun, they can be interesting, they can be great for seeing and meeting people, but for me, the presentation part of a conference is often underwhelming. People don't show up. I get scheduled at a weird time. Or something goes wrong during the prez. At CCCC.2009, about 15 people attended our panel. In the three days since, three times that many viewers have viewed my presentation online.

A year-or-so-ago I presented at SLSA, and the conference organizers were cool enough to archive presentations after the conference. I like that. A conference, that way, isn't just an event that ends, but a collection of ideas that live on via web publication.

UPDATE: A detailed blog post by Elizabeth Losh covering the session.


  1. I didn't have an opportunity to go to Cs, but I really enjoyed viewing your presentation here. Thanks!

  2. Sorry I missed it. We had an "excuse." So what do you use to do the recording of the three videos at once?

  3. Hey, who needs to go to a panel when you can catch it later on YouTube?

    The screen capture was with iShowU and Snapz Pro. I ended up crashing Snapz Pro with the longer video, which is why I switched to iShowU.