Informatics of Everyday Life

Yesterday I put this video up on Facebook, saying something like "Isn't this amazing?!" And it is. Funny, smart, and all about the information of daily life.

ML then showed me that it is a response to this video by Royksopp called "Remind Me," which is equally amazing.

The "Remind Me" video has a strong element of social critique going on, where as the Little Red Riding Hood story is much more purely about reducing daily life (and I guess narrative) to quantifiable information.

In 1998, I spent the year collecting every set of instructions I could find, pasting them into my offline journal. Instructions on how to assemble things, make things, and do things. Instructions are a terrific genre, with all their 1-2-3 logic; my personal favorites are instructions for doing intuitive things.

Which makes me think that an archive of instructions like this one would lend itself nicely to an interesting take on the informatics of daily living.

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