Facebook Suxion

I've been experiencing a good deal of Facebook Suxion lately, defined as that force that Facebook exerts upon bloggers in particular, drawing energy from blogging and redirecting it to Facebook. So this blog has dwindled and spindled.

But in reading a very lively discussion over at D. Hawhee, Private Eye's blog, and in listening to Jeff Rice give an eloquent response (last night) to a question about blogging, I'm back here pushing against that Facebook Suckage.

A bit of history:

Upon learning some html in 2000, I coded a few "blogs" or blogish-type pages. One of them was this Busride Blog; another was called "Attention!" and seems to be lost now. (The only post I vividly remember from "Attention!" is one titled "Auto-Flush Toilets in the Age of Reason.") Anyway, at that point I was convinced that blogging platforms like Blogger were cheesy and that coding your own blog was the way to go. So I coded my own bloggish-type enterprises.

My DIY blogs morphed and changed; I incorporated a few into various homepages up through 2005 or 2006 (using iframes), and then I switched over to Blogger. Whatever, I thought to myself, Blogger is easy to use, so why not just go with it?

This week I'm finishing up work on a conference project that, two years ago, I first blogged about. I also have a chapter in my book-in-progress that began as a blog post on this here blog. This teaches me that to blog is to get going on ideas long in advance ... when they're fresh, new, and can be rough as hell.

So yeah: Facebook Suckage be damned, why not blog?

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