Bird Ingestion Test Facility

Sometimes research will take you in unforeseen directions. This image is of a bird ingestion test facility. The apparatus is for running birds through jet engines to see how the engines fare. We can guess what happens to the birds.

The image is taken from this in-depth discussion.


  1. oh dear. so sad. it looks a bit ramshackle too, which is weird.

  2. Anonymous9:32 AM

    I first heard about this over lunch the other day--not the best moment to introduce me to the gruesome relationship between birds and engines (in depth, no less!)

  3. Yeah, kinda nasty. From what I've been reading on the topic, the standard test is for 2 lbs. birds, while Canada Geese get up to about 18 lbs. It also seems that some kind of synthetic bird-body-thinger is used for the tests, but I'm not entirely sure. More research is needed, as they say.