Two Online Writing Tools

Two anti-distraction writing tools this week, one a web app and another downloadable for Mac.

Write Or Die is a web window that will time and punish you while it obstreperously counts your words; WriteRoom takes over your desktop, basically disabling the myriad distractions that can get to you when you're trying to writing using a standard word processor.

WriteRoom looks more or less like this; little green type over a black background:

I used WriteRoom a bit this week to do some prewriting on a new chapter I'm writing, and kinda liked it ... for a while. I had some trouble bumping up the type size, and the red-squigglies were just too red in front of the black background ... but I like the idea. These apps try to return us to writing from the land of multitasking; they try to remind us that PCs were once just glorified typewriters.


Bird Ingestion Test Facility

Sometimes research will take you in unforeseen directions. This image is of a bird ingestion test facility. The apparatus is for running birds through jet engines to see how the engines fare. We can guess what happens to the birds.

The image is taken from this in-depth discussion.