More on Political Speech

If you're anywhere near UIUC, you prolly know already that employees of the U are required to keep their political views secreted away while at work. The other day, I posted this little chart which was sent to me through campus mail:

On my run, it occurred to me that all of the following are kosher, following this little table-graphic:

  • wearing a pin or t-shirt in support of the Green party
  • wearing a pin or t-shirt that reads "I'm voting for Trotsky!"
  • wearing a pin or t-shirt that reads "Vote for O'Bhamma"

Many work arounds exist, methinks, for those eager to embody their politics this election season.


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  2. How 'bout a t-shirt that reads:

    "I am imPalin my eye with a sharp stick if two elephants start tromping around washington"