Bad Directions

I found this bad set of directions this morning on the walk in:

Why bad? While I generally prefer hand-written directions to the GoogleMapsified and MapQuestian varieties, these directions result in a route that looks like this:

That's right, with the jog up Neil in the middle, the traveler ends up making two extra turns and even cutting back to the east the tiniest bit. The following would be a much more efficient route to a N. Prospect destination:

Sometimes you find things, and they're just wrong. Which is why we have the Found Innitiative: to set things straight in this world.


  1. You know, I used to think going all the way up Prospect was best, too. For about a year after we moved to SE Urbana, that's how I'd get to North Prospect.

    But then I noticed that Prospect was often really slow-going. It's got fewer lanes than Neil, and not as many dedicated turn lanes. I eventually decided that Neil was faster.

    Your mileage may vary.

  2. Speed: bah! What about number of turns? I think number of turns should be a MAJOR concern in any navigational decision. ;)