Sk8r Post from 2 Years Ago Still Cracking

I never would have thought, in 2006, when I posted a short thing on anti-skateboarding signage, that it would have been my most read post of all time. Well, maybe not all time, but in recent time. (And yes, I'm not batty: I know I've blogged about this phenomenon at least two other times; it just keeps amazing me!) The most recent comment came in today and reads:

skating like an hamburger, its been around for ever. i don't see why people hate us the skater boarders of the world, because we skate on others stuff. screw who ever hates on skaters

The web is weird like a hamburger, too: you put up some stuff you really want people to see, and it barely gets indexed by Google. You put up some wacky post on anti-skateboarding-signage, and it's big shoosh.

I'm in the middle of designing and building a big genealogy site and thinking maybe it needs some sk8r stuff in there, just to boost traffic.

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