Black Bird, Black Bird

It's an old linguistic exercise to have students pronounce "black BIRD" and "BLACK bird" in order to illustrate the role of vocal stress in producing meaning. I've been doing a bit of reading (again) on one of my favorite black BIRDs, the American Crow. Well, really, I've been reading about Fish Crows, Northwestern Crows, and Tamaulipas Crows to find out more about species differences and stuff.

But now I've gotta write it up. Caw!


Sk8r Post from 2 Years Ago Still Cracking

I never would have thought, in 2006, when I posted a short thing on anti-skateboarding signage, that it would have been my most read post of all time. Well, maybe not all time, but in recent time. (And yes, I'm not batty: I know I've blogged about this phenomenon at least two other times; it just keeps amazing me!) The most recent comment came in today and reads:

skating like an hamburger, its been around for ever. i don't see why people hate us the skater boarders of the world, because we skate on others stuff. screw who ever hates on skaters

The web is weird like a hamburger, too: you put up some stuff you really want people to see, and it barely gets indexed by Google. You put up some wacky post on anti-skateboarding-signage, and it's big shoosh.

I'm in the middle of designing and building a big genealogy site and thinking maybe it needs some sk8r stuff in there, just to boost traffic.


Found (Last) Friday

The interns here at Found Friday have fallen a tad behind, so we're posting this foundling a few days late. But whatev.

If there's one thing we've learned here at Found Inc., and I think there might be, it's that we ultimately have no certain clue as to what a foundling is about. None of them. Case in point: the above image. I mean, huh?

So, we're at 1) harmony with nature, 2) stuff happens, 3) we get bummed, 4) remember stuff, and then 5) do what to our sister? I simply don't know.

There is a lot of stuff around C-U in the dumpsters these days, though, which means found stuff you really can do something with. I found some nice 2X8s the other day, for instance, and today have my eye on an old garage door someone's throwing away. Interpret that!


Urbana-Champaign Enters the Tall Building Contest

Have you been reading much lately about the ongoing contest to build the world's tallest building? Well, it turns out that the twin cities of Urbana and Champaign have entered the race, with mega-buildings cropping up all over the place. The latest locale? The UIUC quad.

Yes people: there is now an obelisk growing out of the south quad. Zoinkin' concrete monster.


Found (Family) Pic

Found family pic featuring my Mom at left. Also featuring a trike, which looks fun to ride! Circa 1946 or so. (Click to enlarge.)


Gambling in the Dorms

The Home Office has a new website and new addie online: what was "www.uiuc.edu" is now "www.illinois.edu." What's remarkable, I think, about the new website is just how honest it is. Pic 4 of the homepage's rotating images is a shot of student gambling in the dorms. Wow. UIUC gets all honest in its representations of student life.

Go to UIUC: Win a Bundle!


Watchmen, the Movie

MB turned me onto the trailer for the new film version of Watchmen.

If you've read the book, you've prolly already seen the trailer; if you've read the book, maybe you're also as freaked/amazed as I am at just how visually true to the book the movie is. Really: it's like the images came to life on the screen. Very odd in an "adaptation." Anyway, it looks kinda fun.

I guess such verisimilitude makes me wonder why we need to film version at all, when we have the book. And then I wonder if the narrative structure in the film will be anywhere as multiple and confusion as in the book. Like will the shipwreck story figure in there? I kinda doubt it.