Kids Shooting Guns

Imagine my surprise, a couple of weeks ago, when I looked over at the bowling alley to see this little girl shooting a pump shotgun at the screen of a video game. I think she was "Big Game Hunting":

And then, a week later and at another arcade, I snapped this image on my cell-phone-cam:

(All identities seem adequately blurred out, so I'm okay with posting the content online.)

Know this: I'm someone who's perfectly comfortable saying that "guns kill people." I think they are a noxious technology that allow people to do things many of us would not do otherwise; I also think that guns and gun makers are part of making the world a worse place to live in. Without the technology, I'm safe saying, the world would not be messed up in quite the same ways that it is messed up in. You may disagree with me.

But that's a bit off topic. What I wanted to blog about is this thing where little kids are doing it up on shooter video games. A little girl pumps a shotgun while her parents bowl. Some other kids wield major machine guns, blasting life-like targets on a screen. Pop. Bang. Rat-a-tat-tat.

I don't think I think any of these kids will grow up to be gun-toting shooters in real life because of their interaction with these "games." So why do I yack when seeing this kind of thing? Prolly a belief in the sanctity of childhood, a naive value in peaceful wellbeing for the little dudes among us, and things like that. Plus, this just cries out to the demise of games I value more than shooting electrons with plastic guns: capture the flag is a good summer game, as is jailbreak. I particularly like those games.


  1. uh hem . . . I seem to recall that one S.W.S. was a Nintendo duck hunting champion at some point in his life? no?

    duck hunting aside, that girl with the pump shotgun was definitely something to see

    pump, pow.

  2. (that was in college, but it's true!)