Spam is Still Fun

It's really the bloond hair that sold me on this one.

I have seen yours profile and it became very interesting to me to read about you. I see that you want to find yours soulmate and I also want this! I think what to write to you now, and really it is very difficult to write to the man only knowing him on a picture, but you the information on you helped me to understand you and that that you want. I the educated girl, a harmonious body; mine tall 5 ' 6 ", My weight 119 pounds, I have bloond hair!

I ask you to write to me on this email: mar.hlazd@yahoo.com

I would like to send you some pictures myself and I shall be pleased to answer you if you write to me. faithfully,Maryna
By the way you have beautiful eyes!
PS I would like to ask you that you wrote to me on email: mar.hlazd@yahoo.com

The image of the day is a proto disc wheel from one of Sheldon Brown's great pages on bikes:


  1. are you totally sure that's spam?

  2. Okay, now you're freaking me out!

  3. No wait, my hair is not bloond, it's broown. Case closed: it's spam.

  4. Anonymous4:39 PM

    Oh.. It is SPAM. I just got this email too and did a Google on the email and found this site.