"Reserved for Expectant Mothers"

I noticed this sign in a local parking lot the other day, and began wondering if it was a one-of-a-kind jobber.

As it turns out, these signs are quite common. Images of some others, found quickly online, include:

I guess I wasn't the first person surprised enough by this signage to take a picture. The popularity of the whole stork thing in the images kind of surprises me, particularly where only a stork icon is used. For some reason, one of the expectant mothers is already pushing around a baby carriage; maybe she was an expectant mother before.

For debate on "stork parking" (man, when are they gonna have dork parking?), see this stuff


UPDATE: Okay, having thought for a few more hours (in the back of my mind) about this whole "stork parking" thing, I guess what's strange about it is that it seems to equate being prego w/ being disabled, given the way disabled parking spaces work. I know that in some instances it actually is the case that being prego can create a disability, but in other cases, it certainly is not the deal. So that equation is kind of strange.

But the other thing is that I guess I'm a little surprised by the degree to which the stork has been taken up. And not just because it's a bird thing. I much prefer the signs w/ the image of the prego woman, as at least that imagery doesn't sanitize the sitch.

That's all I've got. Not much. I should really just get back to my writing.


Spam is Still Fun

It's really the bloond hair that sold me on this one.

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The image of the day is a proto disc wheel from one of Sheldon Brown's great pages on bikes:


Future Undergraduate Classes

I just found myself describing undergraduate classes I'd like to teach. These titles came to me and got me all excited. It's crazy how existing rubrics and keep you from doing yer thing.

"The Rhetoric of Everyday Life: Writing on the Body, Street, and Post-It Note"
"Leet Speak in Noob Land: Online Communication and Composition"
"Hypergraphia and Illegible Writing in Art and Literature"

Favorite image of the day:

You know, blogging's not all that bad.


Found Friday

From the West Coast Bureau of Found Friday, Inc., we have this series titled "Hund." I think it's kind of cute.



Rated Most Useful Website of the Week: tinyurl.com. It'll truncate your action!

So this link to a pic of one of my bikes:


becomes this:


And the size of the bike never changes. So cool.