Spring Break Cometh

This semester has meant teaching for me, lots and lots of teaching. Projects and papers to grade, activities to plan, and plenty of stuff to read for class (and the independent study). And the thing is that I haven't even been doing my best job in the classroom this semester, a bit of teacher-burn-out having set in. So, it's because of this that I look forward to Spring Break. A week to regen.

L sent me this video the other day, and I'm thinking it would be a nice complement to various discussions we've had in my comp.theory class about vernacular writing and student resistance. I post it here for that reason and because it's, um, kind of funny.

Not having used blogs in a class since 2001 (something that I recently learned this MA thesis talks about), this semester my graphic-novel class is up and blogging like mad. And they're good at it. Much better, in fact, than the student bloggers I worked with in 2001. I guess it comes natural to them these days. And now I'm off to read them.

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