Weird Bullet

This WARNING flier is being distributed as a pdf on campus this week. (Click to enlarge.)

While there is no indication that this is an elaborate, Lost-like contagion ruse to keep students from attending Unofficial, The Faculty All-Campus Party, it does appear that the U of I has invented a new bullet point.

From the campus that brought you YouTube and Paypal, we now have the triple-decker colon. Very cool.


  1. Oooh. I covet the triple colon. Do you think it signifies UBER-COLON status or does it suggest a move beyond the colon?

  2. or a colon that's dotted, like an "i"?

  3. also of note is the fact that, rhetorically, it would make sense for them to say "DO NOT kiss" instead of "the disease is also spread by kissing," but they caught themselves and realized how ridiculous they were being.

    am i even allowed to comment on this?

  4. A conspiracy I tell you, Mr. Paine!