Fetishizing of the Handwritten Interface

This may look cool, but I don't think it is. Pete thinks it is, but not me:

My sense is that techno-gadgetry like this looks more cool than it is due to some kind of fetishizing of the handwritten interface. As if doing something simple (the vid is a sequence of Rube Goldberg machines, really) via a handwritten interface is somehow intrinsically intriguing. So you animated a white board: and? My claim: nah.

This is alliteration Saturday, a BWI activity. Found Friday will return after the commercial break.


  1. Maybe this is a little, just a little, cooler? Hope all's well.

  2. Very well might be lame, but put that stuff up in front of high school students and their attention spans magically expand from 30 seconds to 5 minutes.