Voice Recognition Grocery List Maker

File this under there-is-a-gizmo-for-everything, the Smartshopper voice recognition grocery list maker. "It automatically organizes the list into categories."

And it comes with its own promotional video.

Of course, if you like your grocery lists the old-fasioned way, they still exist.


  1. Somehow i just don't believe that having a printed list will do a better job of reducing impulse buying than a handwritten list... does it give you an electric shock if you come home and put things in the fridge that weren't on the list?

    how much you wanna bet it can't spell or categorize quinoa?

  2. Bwah! A shocker!

    Now, what if the gizmo could interact with a recipe, downloaded online, say, to make a list? Or several lists? That way, all the ingredients could be compiled and listed.

    Or maybe this would be a nice widget for the iPhone ...

  3. *that* i would be up for - especially if it would compile the amounts of, say, fresh lemon juice and lemon rind needed in each recipe for the week and then calculate how long a given lemon half would stay fresh in the refrigerator and thus calculate how many lemons i should buy...

  4. okay, I'm off to see about filing a patent. just need a name ...